Review of Cake Drums from CakeBon

I recently tried the white cake drums from CakeBon and let me tell you, I’m impressed.

Until now I’ve mostly been using a different brand, commonly found at Michaels and other cake decorating stores. The first thing I noticed about the CakeBon drums, is how clean the lines were at the edges. Other brands have ruffled, gathered product on the edge but the CakeBon drums have extremely clean lines, with no bunching or gathers.

The second thing was how strong they are. After finishing a cake on the drum I could hold it with one hand without any concern of bending from the weight of my cake. With previous drums I wouldn’t dream of not holding both edges of my cake for stability.

Last but not least, both sides of the drum are equally beautiful. So you can use the lightly embossed side or the plain white for a gorgeous backdrop to your cake creations. Overall a very good quality product that I will definitely use again. 5/5 would recommend 🙂